QuickBasic Program # 2/2

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 02-10-93 (22:53)             Number: 400
From: JIM LITTLE                   Refer#: NONE
  To: CASEY PEARSON                 Recvd: NO  
Subj: QuickBasic Program #  2/2      Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
>>> Continued from previous message
   'valid character, with insert on
      text = LEFT$(text, curletter - 1) + keystroke + RIGHT$(text, LEN(text) -
      curletter = curletter + 1
      IF curletter > topletter + right - left THEN
         topletter = topletter + 1
      END IF
      PrintLine topletter, text, left, right
   ELSEIF ASC(keystroke) >= 32 AND ASC(keystroke) <= 127
AND NOT insert AND (cu
   'valid character, with insert off
      MID$(text, curletter, 1) = keystroke
      IF curletter = LEN(text) THEN    'add a null
character to the end (will b
         text = text + CHR$(255)
      END IF
      curletter = curletter + 1
      IF curletter > topletter + right - left THEN
         topletter = topletter + 1
         PrintLine topletter, text, left, right
         PRINT keystroke;
      END IF
   ELSEIF keystroke = CHR$(13) THEN
      flag = cOK
      finished = True

LOOP UNTIL finished

text = LEFT$(text, LEN(text) - 1)   'strip null character from end

PrintLine 1, text, left, right


SUB PrintLine (topletter%, text$, left%, right%)
'prints a line of text, starting with topletter, within bounds of
' left and right

LOCATE , left
PRINT MID$(text, topletter, right - left + 1); SPC(right - POS(0) + 2);


I haven't included GetStroke, since there is a lot of keyboard trapping
involved so those #@$! extended keys can be returned.   (Does anyone
know a better way?  PLEASE?  (In QBasic, no less))
  However, here's the essentials:

SUB GetStroke (keystroke$)

'turn keys 11-24 on

greykey = ""  'global variable -- set equal to k____ by
subroutines in main mod
   keystroke = INKEY$
LOOP WHILE keystroke = "" AND greykey = ""
'essentially, loops until normal key pressed.  If extended key pressed, then
' key trapping branches to subroutines in main module, and greykey is set
' to appropriate constant.

IF greykey <> ""  THEN 'special key pressed

   keystroke = greykey

'turn keys 11-24 off


Well, I hope this helps..  Good luck in your efforts.


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