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Date: 02-05-93 (04:23)             Number: 391
From: ROB MCKEE                    Refer#: NONE
  To: ERIC MAYS                     Recvd: NO  
Subj: Re: HELP PLEASE!!!! 1 of       Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
Hello Eric!
   You wrote in a message to Geoffrey Liu:

 EM> How can I repplace all theinput and line input statements...
 EM> Tell me the way to do it because I'm stuck making a security
 EM> menu  system that anyone can ctrl -c out of...

 ----------- 8< -----------
    'Another Quik_Bas Kludge-O-Matic
    DEFINT A - Z
    FUNCTION LineIn$ (EchoChar$)
    ' Usage:
    ' PassWord$= LineIn$(chr$(168))
    ' If PassWord$= Chr$(0) then GOTO Abort
    ' If EchoChar$="" then print actual character
    ' Very Basic Input routine
    Gam$ = ""
       DO: i$ = INKEY$: LOOP UNTIL i$ <> ""
       IF i$ = CHR$(27) THEN
          LineIn$ = CHR$(0)
       ELSEIF LEN(i$) > 2 THEN
       ELSEIF i$ = CHR$(13) THEN
          LineIn$ = Gam$: EXIT DO
       ELSEIF i$ = CHR$(8) THEN
          Gam$ = LEFT$(Gam$, LEN(Gam$) - 1)
          LOCATE , POS(0) - 1: PRINT " ";
          LOCATE , POS(0) - 1
       ELSEIF i$ < " " THEN
          ' Eat any other Control Codes
       ELSEif Len(i$)=1 then
          IF EchoChar$="" THEN
            PRINT i$;
            PRINT EchoChar$;
          Gam$ = Gam$ + i$
       END IF

  ------------ 1 of 2 functions and 2 messages --------

 EM> Thanks A Million!!!

Na...  you need to send me 10% ;)

 Catcha Later , I'll see you on the flip side - Rob

--- timEd/B6
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