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 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 02-03-93 (09:02)             Number: 373
From: LAWRENCE GORDON              Refer#: NONE
  To: DENIS DUBUC                   Recvd: NO  
Subj: File viewer                    Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 > I would like to know how to the Command for viewing a
 > text file that is more then 25 line long by having a
 > thing like press a key to continue without having the
 > file scrolling down to the END.The only thing that
 > I've been able to do so far is using the | MORE
 > Command, but there must be another way to control the
 > text, I checked the 3 Books that I have but I haven't
 > find anything. Could someone please help me?

Here's one that works in PowerBASIC. You would only need
to modify a few lines to change it over to QuickBasic.
It has the ability to scroll up or down, but not left or right.

rem ** viewer.bas **
defint a-z
%false = 0
%true = NOT %false
uparrow = 18432
downarrow = 20480
pgup = 18688
pgdn = 20736
home = 18176
endkey = 20224
escape = 27

dim a$(1:2000)
filename$ = command$

on error goto fileerror
call fileread (filename$, linecount%, a$())
on error goto 0


lineptr% = 1
 color 0,3
 locate 1,1
 print "Line:";left$(str$(lineptr%)+space$(7),8);
 print "File: ";left$(filename$+space$(19),19);
 print "Quit: ESC";space$(3);
 print "Move ";chr$(24);" ";chr$(25);" PGUP PGDN HOME END   ";
 color 7,1
 for i% = 0 to 23
  locate i% + 2, 1
  print left$(a$(i% + lineptr%)+ space$(80),80);
 next i%

 select case keycode%
 case uparrow
  if lineptr% > 1 then
   lineptr% = lineptr% - 1
  end if
 case downarrow
  if lineptr% < linecount% then
   lineptr% = lineptr% + 1
  end if
 case pgup
  if lineptr% > 1 then
   lineptr% = lineptr - 24
   if lineptr% < 1 then
    lineptr% = 1
   end if
  end if
 case pgdn
  if lineptr% < linecount% - 24 then
   lineptr% = lineptr% + 24
   if lineptr% > linecount% then
    lineptr% = linecount%
   end if
  end if
 case home
  if lineptr% > 1 then
   lineptr% = 1
  end if
 case endkey
  if lineptr% < linecount% - 24 then
   lineptr% = linecount% - 24
  end if
 case escape
  quitflag% = %true
 case else
  updateflag% = %false
 end select

loop until quitflag%

color 7,0

 print "Usage: VIEWER filename.ext"
 resume next

sub fileread (filename$, linecount%, a$()) STATIC
 filenumber% = freefile
 open filename$ for input as filenumber%
 for i% = lbound(a$(1)) to ubound(a$(1))
  line input #filenumber%, a$(i%)
  linecount% = i%
  if eof(filenumber%) then
   exit for
  end if
 next i%
 if not eof(filenumber%) then
  linecount% = -1
 end if
end sub

function keycode% static
  k$ = inkey$
 loop until k$ <> ""
 keycode% = cvi(k$ + chr$(0))
end function


-=> Lawrence <=-

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