Help on interrupts.

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Date: 02-03-93 (09:03)             Number: 368
From: JERRY HUNTER                 Refer#: NONE
  To: IAN MACLENNAN                 Recvd: NO  
Subj: Help on interrupts.            Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 > I can use some, but I seem to be unable to acess ones
 > that use such registers as AH, BH, AL etc.
 > This is really troubleing me as I am unable to use many
 > interrupts. Any help would be appreciated.

As you well know, AH and AL are the high and low-order
bytes of AX. The same applies to BH/BL, etc.

Simply convert your AH/AL values to hex (HEX$), and slam
'em together to build the combinant AX. Use CALL INTERRUPTX
to pass 'em as you would an interrupt call which uses the

The following is an example of how I use INTERRPUTX... the
following snippet of code transmits a block of characters
to a fossil driver (e.g. X00.SYS). It is assumed in this
block of code that the fossil has ALREADY been

    AX    as Integer
    BX    as Integer
    CX    as Integer
    DX    as Integer
    BP    as Integer
    SI    as Integer
    DI    as Integer
    FLAGS as Integer
    DS    as Integer
    ES    as Integer

SUB Export(OutEm$,PortNum)
 DIM Inreg as RegTypeX, OutReg as RegTypeX
 InReg.AX = &H1900      ' *** AH = 19, AL = 00, function to X00
 InReg.BX = 0           ' *** BX = UnUsed
 InReg.CX = len(OutEm$) ' *** CX = length of string to send
 InReg.DX = PortNum     ' *** DX = fossilized port to output
 InReg.BP = 0           ' *** BP = UnUsed
 InReg.SI = 0           ' *** SI = UnUsed
 InReg.DI = VARPTR(OutEm$) ' *** DI = TXBufVar Offset
 InReg.FLAGS = 0           ' *** FLAGS = UnUsed
 InReg.DS = 0              ' *** DS = UnUsed
 InReg.ES = VARSEG(OutEm$) ' *** ES = TXBufVar Segment

 CALL INTERRUPTX(&H14,InReg,OutReg)   ' *** just DO it ***


Hope this helps...


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