Data Input Editor Part 2

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 02-05-93 (03:37)             Number: 398
From: RAYMOND KEITH                Refer#: NONE
  To: ERIC MAYS                     Recvd: NO  
Subj: Data Input Editor Part 2       Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
  ExitInputLoop$ = No$ 'In my programs No$ = N Yes$ = Y
  CALL GPrint2VE(BYVAL InputLin%, BYVAL InputCol%, InputStr$,_
                 BYVAL TextColr%)
  'The above line prints the input string which is currently blank. It uses
  'a very fast and handy library routine for graphics mode from Crescent
  'Software. For text mode you would need to replace it with Locate #,#
  'Color #,# Print InputStr$, etc. In the rest of this code list, when the
  'GPrint2VE routine is called it is assumed you will remember this note
  'and modify as needed.

  DO                      'Until action which ends input mode. Escape, etc.
    CALL ShowCursor       'Show mouse pointer
    DO                    'Until a key or mouse button are pressed
      CALL GetButOrKeyPress 'see part 3 for this routine
      CursorColumn% = ((InputCol% + CursorPos%) - 2) * 8
                      'calculate cursor column position. This formula is
                      'for graphics mode. Text mode might be something like
                      '(InputCol% + CursorPos%) - 1
      CursorLine% = InputLin% + CursorLineOffset%
                      'again this is for graphics mode. Text mode cursor
                      'line would just be the current line.
      CALL ClearVE    'Delete this for text mode
      CALL DrawCursor(CursorColumn%, CursorLine%, CursorWidth%,_
                      CursorLength%, CursorOnOff%, CurSpeed%)
                      'see part 3 for information on this routine. It just
                      'handles the blinking graphics cursor.
      IF GenInStatMsgCheck% THEN
        CALL GenInStatMsgs
      END IF
                      'This routine will print the status line message
                      'at the bottom of the screen. Msg depends on the
                      'current mouse pointer location which is retrieved
                      'in the GetButOrKeyPress routine. See part 3 for
                      'an example.
    LOOP UNTIL HotKey$ <> "" OR Count% > 0
                      'Here I just loop through the above code until the
                      'GetButOrKeyPress routine reports that a key or
                      'mouse button has been pressed.
    IF CursorOnOff% THEN CALL DrawCursor(CursorColumn%, CursorLine%,_
                              CursorWidth%, CursorLength%, CursorOnOff%, -1)
                      'Here if the blinking cursor is on I turn it off. Not
                      'needed for text mode unless you support mice.
    CALL HideCursor   'Turn the mouse pointer off
    IF Count% > 0 THEN
      ExitInputLoop$ = Yes$
                      'If Count% is > than 0 then a mouse button has been
                      'pressed. I then exit the Input Editor and handle the
                      'button press as needed. If the button press was not
                      'valid I'd jump right back into the editor where I
                      'left off. If it was valid, say the user clicked a
                      'help button or clear field button, well you get the
      IF CursorPos% < InputLen% THEN EndOfStr% = 0 'Reset end of field beep
      SELECT CASE HotKey$
      CASE Char1$, Char2$, Char3$, Char4$, GroupFrom$ TO GroupTo$
        'if a valid key has been pressed then...
        IF EditMode% = 0 THEN  'INSERT MODE
          MID$(InputStr$, CursorPos%) = LEFT$((HotKey$ + MID$(InputStr$,_
               CursorPos%)), InputLen%)
        ELSE                   'OVERSTRIKE MODE
          MID$(InputStr$, CursorPos%) = HotKey$
        END IF
        CursorPos% = CursorPos% + 1
        IF CursorPos% > InputLen% THEN
          CursorPos% = InputLen%
          EndOfStr% = EndOfStr% + 1
          IF EndOfStr% > 1 THEN CALL Chime(6)
        END IF
        'Here is a check for when the user tries to type past the end of
        'of an input area. If the field length is say 10 you only want to
        'beep at the user when they try typing the 11th character. This
        'bit of code tracks this. Replace the call to Chime(6) with a basic
        'BEEP or your own custom noise maker.
        CALL GPrint2VE(BYVAL InputLin%, BYVAL InputCol%, InputStr$,_
                       BYVAL TextColr%)
        'Just a reminder the above line simply prints the input string. Use
        'LOCATE COLOR PRINT etc.
      CASE LCur$
        IF CursorPos% > 1 THEN CursorPos% = CursorPos% - 1
        'if the left arrow key was pressed. In my programs I assign the
        'keys like arrows, enter, home, end, etc. to variables. LCur$ =
        'the two byte scan code for the left arrow key.
      CASE RCur$
        IF CursorPos% < InputLen% THEN CursorPos% = CursorPos% + 1
        'if the right arrow key was pressed
      CASE HomeKey$
        CursorPos% = 1
        'if the home key was pressed
      CASE EndKey$
        CursorPos% = InputLen%
        'if the end key was pressed
      CASE DeleteKey$
        MID$(InputStr$, CursorPos%) = MID$(InputStr$, CursorPos% + 1) + " "
        CALL GPrint2VE(BYVAL InputLin%, BYVAL InputCol%, InputStr$,_
                       BYVAL TextColr%)
        'if the delete key was pressed
      CASE Backspace$
        IF CursorPos% > 1 THEN
          CursorPos% = CursorPos% - 1
          MID$(InputStr$, CursorPos%) = MID$(InputStr$, CursorPos% + 1)_
               + " "
          CALL GPrint2VE(BYVAL InputLin%, BYVAL InputCol%, InputStr$,_
                         BYVAL TextColr%)
        END IF
        'if the backspace key was pressed
      CASE InsertKey$
        IF EditMode% = 0 THEN
          EditMode% = 1
          CursorLineOffset% = 0
          CursorLength% = 15
          EditMode% = 0
          CursorLineOffset% = 14
          CursorLength% = 1
        END IF
        'if the insert key was pressed toggle between insert and overstrike
        ExitInputLoop$ = Yes$
        'if any other key is pressed exit the input editor and check it. I
        'exit here to check for valid Hotkeys for example.
    END IF
  LOOP WHILE ExitInputLoop$ = No$
'This is the end of the input editor. See part 3 for items noted above.

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