External Variables

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 01-31-93 (22:31)             Number: 378
From: ROB MCKEE                    Refer#: NONE
  To: CHRIS TRACY                   Recvd: NO  
Subj: External Variables             Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
Hello Chris!
   You wrote in a message to Ron Sharrad:

>      Good advice; try it and you'll find that UCASE$(COMMAND$) and
>      COMMAND$ both return the same thing - QB uppercases it whether
>      you want it to or not.

 CT> actually, i have a patch for the BCOM45 lib that Hanlin
 CT> typed... lemme look it  up.

 CT> -------- Cut Here --------
 CT> Here is a list of some patches for QuickBASIC.  I have
 CT> tested them on my copy of BCOM45.LIB.  They will quite
 CT> possibly also work with other versions of the BASIC runtime
 CT> library.  As
 CT> always when applying patches, *** MAKE A BACKUP COPY FIRST
 CT> *** in case things don't work out the way you want.  I
 CT> cannot
 CT> guarantee that these patches will work for you, and there is
 CT> always a certain amount of danger in making a patch.

 CT> Enough said.  Grab your favorite debugger or file editor (I
 CT> like FED, available at your local BBS) and get hopping.

 CT> ----------------------------------------------------------
 CT> ----

 CT> Prevent QuickBASIC from forcing COMMAND$ to uppercase.
 CT> (Original object file: OSCMD.OBJ)

 CT> Seek:  3C 61 72 06 3C 7A 77 02 34 20
 CT> Make:  EB 08 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90

 CT> ----------------------------------------------------------
 CT> ----

 CT> Prevent QuickBASIC from zeroing BIOS comm data on OPEN
 CT> "COM..." (Original object file: LLCOM3.OBJ)

 CT> Seek:  1E 33 D2 8E DA 87 95 00 04 1F
 CT> Make:  1E 33 D2 8E DA 8B 95 00 04 1F

 CT> Seek:  1E 33 D2 8E DA 89 9D 00 04 1F
 CT> Make:  90 33 D2 90 90 90 90 90 90 90

 CT> ----------------------------------------------------------
 CT> ----

 CT> Prevent QuickBASIC from dropping the DTR on a comm port.
 CT> (Original object file: LLCOM3.OBJ)

 CT> Seek:  B0 00 E3 01 40 83 C2 04 EE
 CT> Make:  B0 00 90 90 40 83 C2 04 EE

 CT> Note that if you apply this patch, you will have to drop the
 CT> DTR "manually" if you want it lowered.  The DTR routine in
 CT> my PBClone library can do that for you.

 CT> ----------------------------------------------------------
 CT> ---- -------- Cut Here --------

 CT> well, hope that does someone some good..

Just used it on QBX.EXE BCL71EFR.LIB BCL71ENR.LIB QB.EXE BCOM45.LIB and it
works great on all of them!  The one for COMMAND$ is only
done on the SECOND occurance in QB.EXE and QBX.EXE!  The
first one is for it's command line IE:

 qb /lqborig.qlb /ah /b  /cmd
   1st one is for this line

Second one is for the COMMAND$..

The LIB's only have one occurance!

 Catcha Later , I'll see you on the flip side - Rob

--- timEd/B6
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