Qwk format Part 3/3

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 01-26-93 (01:26)             Number: 339
From: DIK COATES                   Refer#: NONE
  To: MARVIN HART                   Recvd: NO  
Subj: Qwk format Part 3/3            Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
>>>> QUOTING Marvin Hart to All <<<<
Start Part 3 of 3 (Have stripped out some of the blank lines...)

 [3.2]  Control file (CONTROL.DAT)
     The CONTROL.DAT file is a simple ASCII file.  Each line is terminated
     with a carriage return and line feed combination.  All lines should
     start on the first column.
     Line #
      1   My BBS                   BBS name
      2   New York, NY             BBS city and state
      3   212-555-1212             BBS phone number
      4   John Doe, Sysop          BBS Sysop name
      5   20052,MYBBS              Mail door registration #, BBSID
      6   01-01-1991,23:59:59      Mail packet creation time
      7   JANE DOE                 User name (upper case)
      8                            Name of menu for Qmail, blank if none
      9   0                        ? Seem to be always zero
     10   999                      Total number of messages in packet
     11   121                      Total number of conference minus 1
     12   0                        1st conf. number
     13   Main Board               1st conf. name (13 characters or less)
     14   1                        2nd conf. number
     15   General                  2nd conf. name
     ..   3                        etc. onward until it hits max. conf.
     ..   123                      Last conf. number
     ..   Amiga_I                  Last conf. name
     ..   HELLO                    Welcome screen file
     ..   NEWS                     BBS news file
     ..   SCRIPT0                  Log off screen
     Some mail doors, such as MarkMail, will send additional information
     about the user from here on.
     0                             ?
     25                            Number of lines that follow this one
     JANE DOE                      User name in uppercase
     Jane                          User first name in mixed case
     NEW YORK, NY                  User city information
     718 555-1212                  User data phone number
     718 555-1212                  User home phone number
     108                           Security level
     00-00-00                      Expiration date
     01-01-91                      Last log on date
     23:59                         Last log on time
     999                           Log on count
     0                             Current conference number on the BBS
     0                             Total KB downloaded
     999                           Download count
     0                             Total KB uploaded
     999                           Upload count
     999                           Minutes per day
     999                           Minutes remaining today
     999                           Minutes used this call
     32767                         Max. download KB per day
     32767                         Remaining KB today
     0                             KB downloaded today
     23:59                         Current time on BBS
     01-01-91                      Current date on BBS
     My BBS                        BBS network tag-line
     0                             ?
     Some mail doors will offer the option of sending an abbreviated confer-
     ence list.  That means the list will contain only conferences the user
     has selected.  This is done because some mail readers cannot handle
     more than n conferences at this time.  Users using those readers will
     need this option if the BBS they call have too many conferences.

[3.3]  Welcome file
     This file usually contains the log on screen from the BBS.  The exact
     filename is specified in the CONTROL.DAT file, after the conference
     list.  This file may be in any format the Sysop chooses it be -- usu-
     ally either in plain ASCII or with ANSI screen control code.  Some
     Sysops (notably PCBoard Sysops) may use BBS-specific color change code
     in this file as well.  Current mail programs seem to handle the trans-
     lations between BBS-specific code to ANSI based screen control codes.

     Even if the CONTROL.DAT file contains the filename of this file, it
     may not actually exist in the mail packet.  Sometimes, users will
     manually delete this file before entering the mail reader.  Some off-
     line readers offer the option to not display this welcome screen; some
     will display this file regardless.  Some doors, similarly, will offer
     option to the user to not send this file.

[3.4]  Goodbye file
     Similar to the welcome file above, the filename to the goodbye file is
     in the CONTROL.DAT file.  This is the file the BBS displays when the
     user logs off the board.  It is optional, as always, to send this file
     or to display it.

[3.5]  News file
     Many mail doors offer the option to send the news file from the BBS.
     Most will only send this when it has been updated.  Like the welcome
     and goodbye files, the filename to the news file is found in the CON-
     TROL.DAT file.  It can be in any format the Sysop chooses, but usually
     in either ASCII or ANSI.  Like the welcome screen, current mail facili-
     ties seem to handle translation between BBS-specific control codes to
     ANSI screen control codes.

[3.6]  Qmail DeLuxe2 menu file
     This file is of use only for Qmail DeLuxe2 mail reader by Sparkware.
     The filename is found on line 8 of the CONTROL.DAT file.

[3.7]  New uploads listing (NEWFILES.DAT)
     Most mail programs on the BBS will offer the option to scan new files
     uploaded to the BBS.  The result is found in a file named
     NEWFILES.DAT.  The mail program, if implementing this, should update
     the last file scan field in the user's profile, if there is such a
     field, as well as other information required by the BBS.  The mail
     program should, of course, scan new files only in those areas the user
     is allowed access.

[3.8]  Bulletin files (BLT-x.y)
     Most mail programs will also offer the option to include updated bulle-
     tin files found on the BBS in the mail packet.  The bulletins are
     named BLT-x.y, where x is the conference/echo the bulletin came from,
     and y the bulletin's actual number.  The mail program will have to
     take care of updating the last read date on the bulletins in the user

End of Part 3 of 3... Trusting this helps a bit!

Regards Dik, Oshawa, Canada
___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.10

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