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Date: 07-08-92 (22:04)             Number: 221
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In a message of <Jul 07 21:28>, Bruce Groen (1:300/21) writes:

 >What is the file format for this font?  I download a font editor

Standard DOS/video BIOS format.

For font editting, I used Michael J. Mefford's FONTEDIT
program (PC Magazine, Vol 7, No 15: Sep 13, 1988).  Many
BBS's carry PC Magazine source code and/or utilities.

FONTEDIT creates self-loading fonts, but the font data is contiguous
starting at byte 100.  I simply opened the resulting self-
loading font in binary mode, read 256 (characters) *
LinesPerCharacter (8 for this font) bytes, and wrote them
to the *.FNT file.  Simple and easy.

FONTEDIT is a very nice little program.

 >today and the files that it saves are twice the size as this one.
 >And of course they are not interchangeable.  I was going to start

What font program?

 >making a font that I want to use but if I use this font editor that
 >I have now, I wont know how to load the file with QB.  Am I making
 >any sense?  Thanks for any help that you can give.


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