cmos addresses

Date: 01-29-93 (19:58)             Number: 5
From: TWOBITZ                      Refer#: 89
  To: DISCONNECT #66 @3101          Recvd: NO  
Subj: cmos addresses                 Conf: (5) IBMInfoCen

> are listed as part of a read/store/restore program I got out of PCResource a > long time ago. if i find it (or the program itself) i will give it to you nex Here's a couple of CMOS programs in QB. '************************************* 'cmos2dsk.bas TwoBitz 4@5908 WWIVnet ' print "Saving CMOS to disk" open "c:\cmos.dat" for output as #1 for CMOS = &h0 TO &h3F 'You might run this to &hFF for XCMOS. out &h70, CMOS Byte% = inp(&h71) print #1, chr$(Byte%); next : close : end '************************************* 'cmos2ram.bas TwoBitz 4@5908 WWIVnet ' print "Restoring CMOS from disk." open "c:\cmos.dat" for binary as #1 dim Byte as string * 1 for CMOS = &h0 TO &h3F out &h70, CMOS get #1, , Byte out &h71, asc(Byte) next : close : end * SLMR 2.1a *
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