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Date: 01-19-93 (12:39)             Number: 323
From: CORIDON HENSHAW              Refer#: NONE
  To: MATT HART                     Recvd: NO  
Subj: POINTS                         Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
Hello Matt!

In a msg of <16 Jan 93>, Matt Hart writes to Michelle Robinson:

 MH> If you want to encrypt it, use an encrypt program:


 MH>           MID$(A$,i,1) = CHR$(ASC(MID$(A$,i,1))+1)


 MH> A simple encryption - just makes each letter the following one, so A
 MH> becomes B, C becomes D, and so on.

This is more secure and faster:

'Hex2Bin 1.0
DEFINT A-Z: OPEN "B", #1, "XORSTR.OBJ": OPEN "B", #2, "H"
PUT #2, , I$: LOOP: I$ = "  ": SEEK #2, 1: DO UNTIL
LOC(2)=LOF(2): GET #2, , I$
O$ = CHR$(VAL("&H" + I$)): PUT #1, , O$: LOOP: CLOSE : KILL "H"
DATA 800E000C504B5443525950542E41534DD696270000064447524F55500D504B54435259
DATA 50545F54455854044441544104434F4445055F444154417F980700483900030501D798
DATA 07004800000604010E9A040002FF025F901000000109584F52535452494E4700000086
DATA 88040000A201D1A03D00010000558BEC51505356571E068B4E068E5E0A8E46088B760E
DATA 8B7E0C8A24268A0532C426880546474983F9007402EBEC90071F5F5E5B58595DCA0A00
DATA 618A02000074

When XORSTR.OBJ is extracted, LINK or LIB it into a QLB or
LIB.  Calling syntax follows:

DECLARE SUB XORString (BYVAL S1Offset%, BYVAL S2Offset%,
BYVAL S1Segment%,_ BYVAL S2Segment%, BYVAL SLength%)
' S1Offset% = plaintext string offset.
' S2Offset% = password string offset.
' S1Segment% = plaintext string segment.
' S2Segment% = password string offset.
' Slength% = length of both strings.
' IMPORTENT! Both the password and plaintext strings MUST
be the same length. ' Otherwise, XORString will hang.
' The cyphertext is returned in place of the password.

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