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Date: 01-08-93 (02:57)             Number: 337
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Subj: Re: calculations..             Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
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 JG> it still work if I wasn't using single precision (no decimals)?  Also,
 JG> lets say I'm at 500, 500 and my friends spaceship is at 600,650.  How
 JG> do I calculate what angle (in degrees, 0 to 359) I should face in
 JG> order to go visit him?

                           . me (600,650)
                    c  /  |
                     /    | yy
    you (500,500) ./______|

Simply, the above is a right angled triangle where xx=600-500
y=650-500. Just use Pythagoras to find c where c^2 = xx^2 + yy^2.
You can then use SIN or COS to find your angle. If you are given
radians then convert that to degrees.

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