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Wednesday January 06 1993, Coridon Henshaw writes to Wes Garland:

 CH> I never said they where for PDS only.  I don't see a scrap of
 CH> documentation saying that you can do this anywhere.  So they are still
 CH> undocumented ;)

Microsoft QuickBasic Compiler,
Document Number: DB14510-1190
Programming in BASIC, PP 6-8 (inclusive), Esp. P. 7, para.
5, and example; documents the use of the PRINT statement
and resolving Boolean expressions;
also as an aid to debugging logical expressions: P 8, Para 7.

Also documented in PDS 7.0:
Microsoft BASIC
Programmer's Guide
"Selected Programming Topics"
Document Number: DB0114-700-R00-0390
Chapter 1, Part 1, PP 4-6, esp. P. 5, para. 2 and example.

Microsoft states that PDS 7.1, if released, would not have
new manuals, only update sheets.


PP 13-15 (inclusive), esp. below:

"Deductive logic carries from the general, to the specific.
Reasoning from the specific to the general is inductive
logic, and is subject to the "Black Swan" falicy, IE: 'This
is a Black Swan, it is a Bird, Therefore all Birds are
Black.' We know from observation that not all Birds are
Black, thus proving that inductive logic is not always

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