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Date: 07-05-92 (07:05)             Number: 227
From: PHIL HODGES                  Refer#: NONE
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Subj: Alternate function..           Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
   Does anyone know what the "feature bits" and "switch settings" are
for with Int 10h, function 12h (Alternate Function Select) ?? I wrote
up the following code for practice, and it works (at least on PS, EGA,
VGA and MCGA...for EGA info), but I don't know what these are for
(they're in CX). Here's the code, should anyone be interested:


DIM Regs AS RegType

  Regs.AX = &H1200
  Regs.BX = &H10

  INTERRUPT &H10, Regs, Regs

  BH = Regs.BX \ 256     'Get BH
  BL = Regs.BX MOD 256   'Get BL
  CH = Regs.CX \ 256     'Get CH
  CL = Regs.CX MOD 256   'Get CL

  PRINT "Mode in effect: ";
   CASE 0
   PRINT "Color"
   CASE 1
   PRINT "Monochrome"

  PRINT "Memory on card: ";
  CASE 0
    PRINT "64K"
  CASE 1
    PRINT "128K"
  CASE 2
    PRINT "192K"
  CASE 3
    PRINT "256K"
  CASE 4
    PRINT "Uncertain! More than 256K, likely"

 PRINT "Feature bits: "; CH
 PRINT "Switch settings: "; CL


 Again, anyone know what the last two MEAN? I get 15 in CH and 9 in
CL, and have an ATI EGA Wonder w/256K


 X SLMR 2.1a X Does anyone have any spare cache?

--- Maximus 2.00
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