Date:   -  -   (18:13)             Number: 94
From: STAR WALKER #69 @7147        Refer#: NONE
  To:                               Recvd: YES 
Subj: programming                    Conf: (79) The Progra

You must load the QB.QLB quick library with the /L command for this program to work... You must also be using DOS 3.3 or greater and have your config.sys files function be equal or greater to the number you enter when asked. DEFINT A-Z DECLARE SUB INTERRUPT (IntNum, InRegs AS ANY, OutRegs AS ANY) DECLARE SUB MoreFiles (NumFiles) DECLARE FUNCTION DOSVer% () TYPE RegType AX AS INTEGER BX AS INTEGER CX AS INTEGER DX AS INTEGER BP AS INTEGER SI AS INTEGER DI AS INTEGER Flags AS INTEGER END TYPE DIM SHARED InRegs AS RegType, OutRegs AS RegType INPUT "How many files? ", NumFiles:NumbFiles = NumFiles + 8 CALL MoreFiles(NumbFiles) FOR x = 1 TO NumFiles OPEN "FTEST" + LTRIM$(STR$(x)) FOR RANDOM AS #x LEN = 256 PRINT #x, "This is record number 1 of file #"; x PRINT "This is record number 1 of file #"; x PUT #x, 1 NEXT CLOSE:FILES "FTEST*":KILL "FTEST*." SUB MoreFiles (NumbFiles) STATIC InRegs.AX = &H6700: InRegs.BX = NumbFiles CALL INTERRUPT(&H21, InRegs, OutRegs) END SUB NumbFiles is loaded into &H21 at address &h6700. Then you only open NumFiles which is 8 files less than you requested. You can use any name you wish to use to opne the files with using standard file handling routines. STAR WALKER This came out of a Advanced Basic programming manual. It allows you to EXCEED the normal standard of quick basic's 15 open files at once. ีอออพ The DIGITAL CHAPEL of Anaheim, Ca. 714-870-9228 VBBS 5.52 USR DS ิอออธ ณ ล VNet @7147 WWIVNet @7461 WWIVLink @27461 DATANet @7402 COOLNet @2 ล ณ ิอออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออพ
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