Bload Compressor/7

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 12-28-92 (06:48)             Number: 363
From: RICH GELDREICH               Refer#: NONE
  To: ALL                           Recvd: NO  
Subj: Bload Compressor/7             Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
'Page 2 of DECOM13.ASM begins here.
        Mov     ax, es                  ; pos
        Mov     ds, ax                  ;ds=es=0A000h
        Rep     Movsb                   ;copy the data
        Mov     si, bx                  ;restore ds and si
ISeg2:  Mov     ax, 09999h              ;<--self modifying code
        Mov     ds, ax
        Jmp     @@MainLoop
@@Exit: Mov     dx, 03C5h               ;turn screen back on
        In      al, dx
        And     al, NOT 32
        Out     dx, al
        Pop     di si es ds bp          ;exit back to caller
        Retf    P*2
@@10:   Jmp     @@20
ENDP    Decom13

    Finally! I'm done at last...

    I had A LOT of trouble posting this program. The BBS I was using
hung up on me THREE times while I was uploading the messages. That's the
reason why they're spread all over the place.

    You should capture 7 messages- BLOAD COMPRESSOR/1 through BLOAD
COMPRESSOR/7. The first 5 messages have the PDS compressor, and the last
two messages have the ASM decompressor.

   Oops. Here is the OBJ for the assembly decoder:

To execute this script, save it to a file and type DEBUG < filename
where "filename" is the name of this script file.
E165"DECOM13.OBJ" 0
E100 B8 0 3C BA 65 1 33 C9 CD "!rC" BE 0 2 50 BD 7D 1 55 BF 88 90
E117 "W3" DB B1 FA 8A F0 80 C1 6 32 E4 AC "<9v" 8 "<Zv" 2 2C 6 2C
E12F 7 2C 2E E3 E8 D3 E0 A C6 AA 2 D8 92 "IIMu" E0 80 FB 0 75 9 5A
E147 59 5B B4 40 CD 21 73 7 B4 9 BA 58 1 CD 21 CD 20 7 "Error!$"

    If anybody can't piece this post together correctly, I have uploaded
it to a very popular BBS as ENCODE13.ZIP. An example usage with an image
is included in the archive. The BBS is CompuData BBS (609)-232-1245,
it's pretty big (think it's got 20 nodes right now).


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