Re: mouse in graphics mo

Area:    Quik_Bas
  Msg:    #388
 Date:    12-27-92 12:27 (Public) 
 From:    Dik Coates               
 To:      Coridon Henshaw          
 Subject: Re: mouse in graphics mo 
>>>> QUOTING Coridon Henshaw to Dik Coates <<<<

 CH>> the cursor on call to the driver in graphics mode, and all
 CH>> should be OK provided you aren't using a REALLY OLD version

I copied a later Logitec driver and the problem went away... then
loaded the original driver from orig diskettes and the problem
went away... dunno what it was...

Put your mouse routines in my 'mouse bucket' will boo them later...
and adapt any to MASM library... just about ready to post it...

Have some more testing to do...

Thanks and regards, Dik

... Anyways, I just steal taglines, I don't proof read them! -CH
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