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Date: 12-24-92 (03:54)             Number: 355
From: COREY WILSON                 Refer#: NONE
  To: RICK PEDLEY                   Recvd: NO  
Subj: Fader                          Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
*** Quoting Rick Pedley to Pete Dudesek dated 12-22-92 ***
>  On 12-19-92 Pete Dudesek wrote to Rich Geldreich...
>  PD> from Sierra software. It's nothing but some vga screens.
>  PD> But the interesting thing was that the pictures faded in
>  PD> out just like your Fader routine.
> Hmm, wonder where they got their fader from. :-)
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It's easy to fade VGA screens in and out..... here is an example..

dim pl(768)
open"palette.pal" as #1 len=1:Field#1,1 as p$
screen 13
def seg=&ha000
out &h3c7,0:out &h3c8,0
for rgb=1 to 768:get 1
out &h3c9,asc(p$)\90:pl(rgb)=asc(p$):next rgb:close
; that loaded the palette, but all the colours loaded are
; so dim that they are not visible. Now to bload in the
; vga screen.
; now we fade the picture in
out &h3c7,0:out &h3c8,0
for dv=90 to 4 step-1
for rgb=1 to 768
out &h3c9,pl(rgb)\dv
next rgb,dv
; there, we just faded in our picture.... till later

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