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Date: 12-24-92 (01:02)             Number: 354
From: COREY WILSON                 Refer#: NONE
  To: EARL MONTGOMERY               Recvd: NO  
Subj: QB & ASM                       Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
*** Quoting Earl Montgomery to All dated 12-20-92 ***
> I need to know how to use ASM source with QB 4.5. I have a few
> books on assembly language with some example source code that
> should work with QB (FAR instead of NEAR, etc). But they give
> no examples of how to link up with QB. Before anyone starts
> yelling about look in your manual, I don't have mine but my
> QB 4.5 is registered under my name if anyone cares to check.
> Also if anyone would like to sell their 4.5 manuals please let
> me know. Now with that out of the way back to the problem at
> hand. Remember I am new at ASM. I would think one of the first
> steps would be to get an .OBJ file from the source code. If
> this is indeed necessary, how do I do it? Now that I have the
> OBJ file do I make a seperate Library for it? If so how?
> Or can the .OBJ be linked directly to the .EXE file? So many
> questions! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I try to
> answer as many questions as possible on this echo so I don't
> feel guilty about asking when I need help. I just hope your
> answers are of better quality than mine. <grin>
> Earl
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Well, You have the same problem I do.... to get an OBJ out
of an ASM, use either TASM or MASM as follows: MASM
                                TASM asmprog.asm

The subroutine must be declared in your basic program like:

DECLARE SUB subname(var1%,var2%,etc.) you know what I mean...

Then compile the basic program using BC.EXE and apropriate parameters.

Then!!!! you link it like this.....: LINK /o basprog.obj+asmprog.obj

the /o is for stand alone programs I think. Well, that's as
far as I can help you, hope I was of service. till later

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