QB and parameters

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 12-23-92 (02:28)             Number: 310
From: JOE NEGRON                   Refer#: NONE
  To: WES GARLAND                   Recvd: NO  
Subj: QB and parameters              Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
MR> An interesting point I've learned from this echo is that COMMAND$
  > always returns upper-case, so if you want to get "/s" as a parameter,
  > you have to use

MR> Some people have code for getting lower-case as well, if you need to be
  > case-sensitive.  They'd probably re-post if you whined
  > and begged <grin>.

WG> Whining and begging! I need to pass names to a door, and they look
  > really  funny if they're not capatilized correctly. I'm throwing
  > together a quick hack of MAJOR-BBS style conference rooms
  > for maximus. Should be done by the new year.

Whining and begging always gets to me. <g>

============================== Begin code ==============================
'$INCLUDE: 'qbx.bi'


'* FUNCTION CmdLine$
'*    Uses DOS ISR 21H, Function 51H (Get PSP Address) to return the
'*    command line unmodified.  COMMAND$ is capitalized by BASIC, hence
'*    this function.

'*    QBX.LIB
'*    -------
'*    SUB Interrupt (IntNum%, IRegs AS RegType, ORegs AS RegType)
   DIM IRegs AS RegType, ORegs AS RegType

   IRegs.ax = &H5100
   Interrupt &H21, IRegs, ORegs
   PSP% = ORegs.bx                           'Segment returned in BX
   Offset% = &H80                            'Offset% of command line

   DEF SEG = PSP%                            'Access PSP segment
   CmdLen% = PEEK(Offset%)                   'Get command line length

   C$ = SPACE$(CmdLen%)                      'Read parameters....
   FOR I% = 1 TO CmdLen%
      MID$(C$, I%, 1) = CHR$(PEEK(Offset% + I%))
   NEXT I%

   DEF SEG                                   'Restore DGROUP

   CmdLine$ = C$                             'Return value
   C$ = ""
=============================== End code ===============================

                                --Joe in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY--
                                      Wed  12-23-1992, 00:54

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