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Date: 12-17-92 (20:50)             Number: 387
From: STEVE DEMO                   Refer#: NONE
  To: ANDY C. OLIVER                Recvd: NO  
Subj: Re: DIRECTORY TREE             Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 -=> Quoting Andy C. oliver to Steve Demo <=-

 ACo> You might try a Library, such as Tom Hanlin's PBCLONE.  PBCLONE17 is
 ACo> the latest to date (as far as I know), and it has such routines.  As
 ACo> do many other good libraries.


 I have used Pbclone before just was curious if QB could do it by it's self.
 I would like to learn all about QB with out useing any libarys. But I did
 get some code to do it . This was Given to me By Rick Cooper.

 ==========================<cut here>========================================

FUNCTION CurrentDir$
DIM InRegs AS RegTypeX, OutRegs AS RegTypeX
' This Function Will Return The Current Path With A Complete Path Spec
' Including Drive And Trailing "\"
' If You Don't Want The trailing "\" Then Use A Left$ Statement To
'Remove It... E.G. Dir$ = Left$(CurrentDir$,Len(CurrentDir$) - 1)
'=================================================================== = &H1900                         'Use Dos Function To Get
CALL INTERRUPTX(&H21, InRegs, OutRegs)     'Current Drive
drive% = ( AND &HFF) + 1         'Function Returns 0 Based
                                           'Drive Number And Next
                                           'Function needs A 1 Based
                                           'Number So We Add 1 To Result

drive$ = CHR$(64 + drive%)                 'Create String Representation
                                           'In Uppercase, Of Current
                                           'Drive Number

DIRECTORY$ = SPACE$(64)                    'Create Scratch Buffer = (256 * &H47) + 0               'Load Function Number
InRegs.dx = (256 * 0) + drive%             'Load Drive Number
InRegs.ds = VARSEG(DIRECTORY$)             'Pointer To A 64 Byte = SADD(DIRECTORY$)               'Scratch Buffer
CALL INTERRUPTX(&H21, InRegs, OutRegs)     'Call Dos Int. 21 Func. 47

spot = INSTR(DIRECTORY$, CHR$(0))          'Function Returns An ASCIIZ
IF spot <> 0 THEN                          'String And We Don't Want The
  DIRECTORY$ = LEFT$(DIRECTORY$, spot - 1) 'Terminating Null Character
END IF                                     'So This Removes It And
                                           'Trailing Spaces

IF LEN(DIRECTORY$) > 1 THEN                'If It Isn't The Root Then
                                           'We Add A Trailing "\"

CurrentDir$ = drive$ + ":\" + DIRECTORY$ + "\"

ELSE                                       'If It Is The Root We Don't
CurrentDir$ = drive$ + ":\" + RTRIM$(LTRIM$(DIRECTORY$))
END IF                                     'Done!


========================<cut here>==========================================

Just thought I would share what was given to me.

                                                Take it easy,

                                                Steve Demo

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