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Date: 12-16-92 (13:31)             Number: 353
From: TONY ELLIOTT                 Refer#: NONE
  To: PAT MARR                      Recvd: NO  
Subj: Re: PowerBASIC 3.0 hype        Conf: (2) Quik_Bas

 PM> PowerBASIC allows inline assembler, but it isn't inherently compatible
 PM> with libraries written for QB....

PowerBASIC 2.x allows inline ASM via hex codes (as TurboBASIC did) as
well as access of externally assembled .OBJ files via the $Link meta
command. However, the vast majority of QB ASM routines would not work
with PB2 because PB2 required:

    1. Byte-aligned segments
    2. Code segments had to be named "Code" or "CSEG"
    3. Data segments had to be named "Data" or "DSEG"
    4. All parameters had to be passed with a far (32 bit) address
    5. String descriptor were different from those in QB/PDS
    6. Any QB ASM routine which made reference to a QB/PDS internal
       -had- to be rewritten.

The first 3 do not apply to PB3. Parameters have to be passed BYVAL
(equivalent to QB/PDS's BYVAL directive) or with a 32 bit address (same
as QB/PDS's "SEG" directive). Bob Zale has promised that PB3.1 will
allow the passing of parameters via near reference (QB/PDS default).
#5 and #6 are still true with PB3. PB3 does have many documented API
routines which ASM routines can call. You can also look at many of
PB3's internal variables. For example, since PB3's startup code has to
interrogate the video display adapter anyway, there's no reason why it
can't share that info with any interested ASM routines.

 PM> Since many people have the assembly source for the routines they use
 PM> with QB, do you think it is likely that we will see text files
 PM> explaining how to adapt the QB compatible ASM to work with PB?

I believe there is a section in the PB3 docs which describes the

 PM> BTW, I really appreciate your participation in this echo, and in the
 PM> world of BASIC programming in general.  Thanks!

Thank YOU!


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