Far string access

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 12-10-92 (15:07)             Number: 393
From: HUGH MARTIN                  Refer#: NONE
  To: DIK COATES                    Recvd: NO  
Subj: Far string access              Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
Dik, saw your post to Mark Rejhon with your code.  Try using this.
I didn't test it so let me know how it works.

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.Model Medium, Basic

Extrn StringAddress:Proc    ;part of PDS


; BASIC Far String Function - returns File Handle if successful, and
; DOS Critical Error if fails.  Declare as follows:
; ARGS: FileName$  - name of file to create
;       attribute% - attribute of file as follows:
;                       0 - normal
;                       1 - read only
;                       2 - hidden
;                       4 - system
; REV:  92-12-04
;       92-12-07  StringLength:Proc removed, from Hugh Martin

FCREATE     proc    Uses ds, desrptr:word, attrib:word

            Mov  bx, desrptr
            push bx             ;pass FileName$ descriptor word
            CALL StringAddress  ;call the PDS routine for Segment:Offset
            mov  cx, attrib     ;attribute in cx for DOS call
            mov  ds,dx          ;set FileName$ segment
            mov  dx,ax          ;set FileName$ offset
            mov  ah, 3ch        ;DOS create file
            int  21h
            jnc  Exit           ;carry flag clear and handle in ax
            neg  ax             ;carry flag not clear, -(error) in ax
Exit:       ret
FCREATE     Endp


;Notes:  The string descriptor is a word, not a double word.
;        No need to save and restore flags, since direction flag is
;          not changed.
;        No need for extra pushes and pops.
;        The length of FileName$ is not used by DOS function 3Ch.
;        FileName$ MUST be passed as an ASCIIZ string, i.e.
;          FileName$ + chr$(0).

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Of course, having to pass an ASCIIZ string for the file name is
not as convenient as passing the file name and letting the routine
create the ASCIIZ string.  The BBB routines I wrote do this for
you, and you might consider adding the same functionality to your

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