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Date: 07-04-92 (13:33)             Number: 103
From: DAVID PINERO                 Refer#: NONE
  To: CHRIS HARPER                  Recvd: NO  
Subj: BLOAD                          Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
I don't want to sound unflattering if your letter to me
regarding the BLOAD and BSAVE commands to handle ANSI
graphics was for real, but I thought this was common
knowledge (if not usage) among programmers.  I read over
your other letters to see how along you were and see some
evidence that you are a relatively advanced BASIC
programmer.  I notice you even tinkered with the
Timex/Sinclair, my OWN alma maltar of computer programming.

In any event, if you are serious, yes--BLOAD does load
graphic screens which are created with ANSI editors.  The
only requirement is that the ANSI editor that you are using
be able to save the finished picture in BSAVE format.  It
produces files (always equal in number of bytes regardless
of how big or small the picture) with the .BSV extension,
unless you say otherwise.  I like to end MY ANSI pictures
with .MNU or .HLP depending on what kind of screen it will
be in my executable program.

If you really haven't tried this yet--don't hesitate!  You have sharp looking
programs in no time!  The only problem (as I mention in my
original letter) is that the screen files must remain with
the .EXE file at all times in order for the program to run
properly.  If you try to BLOAD "Present.scr", and
PRESENT.SCR isn't around, you get an error.  This is really
no big deal any more.  Most programs written nowadays ALL
seem to require their own directories because they ALL seem
to rely on external files of one sort or another.  It's
gotten to the point now where we might just as well ask one
another "Say, you don't have a copy of the TELIX directory,
do you?", to which one responds:  "Sure do, but only if you
give me a copy of your FILER directory!"

Anyhow, hope I have been informative if you really needed it.

-- Dave

P.S.  Just out of curiosity, what did you ever do with your Timex?  Do you
      wonder if they'll ever be worth money someday?

--- Maximus 2.01wb
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