Mod Player bugfix!

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 12-02-92 (23:51)             Number: 327
From: RICH GELDREICH               Refer#: NONE
  To: ALL                           Recvd: NO  
Subj: Mod Player bugfix!             Conf: (2) Quik_Bas

        After testing out the  MOD  player  I  posted on about 60
MODs or so, I found a little bug...   So, if you captured the MOD
player, please get ready to make a change.

        The bug concerns the handling of command #3,  the port to
note command.   With some MODs(not many,  thank god),  command  3
appears  without  any  period  to  slide to.   When my ASM player
encounters this,  it automatically  uses the last slide command's
destination period instead.  My QB version doesn't.  The bug will
usually  cause  the  player  to drop to DOS while the interrupt 8
handler is still churning out samples(if this happens, reset your
computer  immediatly,   or  it'll  hang  up  if  you  try  to run

        The  fix  is  pretty  simple.    Go   to   the   "DoLine"
subroutine, in part 5. (The "DoLine" subroutine actually starts in
part 4, and ends in part 5.)

        Look for these lines inside the SELECT CASE M statement:

            CASE 3              'Port to Note
                IF C.Period(A) > C THEN
                    C.Command(A) = 4
                    C.Command(A) = 5
                END IF
                C.PortSpeed(A) = o

                C.PortDest(A)  = C

        Change that to:

            CASE 3              'Port to Note
                IF C.Period(A) > C THEN
                    C.Command(A) = 4
                    C.Command(A) = 5
                END IF

                IF C=0 THEN C=C.PortDest(A)
                IF C<113 THEN C=113 ELSE IF C>1023 THEN C=1023

                C.PortSpeed(A) = o
                C.PortDest(A)  = C

        I added two IF/THEN statements.   The first checks to see
if a valid destination period was given.   If it wasn't, then the
last one is used.

        The second statement checks  to make sure the destination
period is in the range of 113-1023.

        Sorry for the trouble...   Making a MOD player,   in  any
language,  is very tricky, especially in QuickBASIC.   If anybody
finds any other bugs, please let me know. Thanks!


        PS. It  figures I would find this bug _after_ I posted it!

        While I'm talking about MODs, has anybody every seen a MOD
version of A View To a Kill, by Duran Duran (I think that's how you
spell it). It was the theme song for a James Bond flick made back in
1985, the flick's title is the same as its theme song.. Just asking.

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