BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 11-25-92 (18:09)             Number: 352
From: GEORGE BATALIAS              Refer#: NONE
  To: DICK DENNISON                 Recvd: NO  
Subj: 19200+                         Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
DD>    > Are you doing 14.4 with OPEN COM?

DD>   JH> NAK! (G). QB's Open stops at 9600. Using a neat
DD>   JH> third-party gizmo (th

DD>   NAK.  You can use OPEN to 19200,  Try it.  (And you can poke it to 115k
DD>   if you need to.)

Yea. Some of my DOORS run at 19200. Using qb45. Never saw them
run faster! Whats the secret? I don't use qbser or add on library. Just
straight qb code from CATPATCH.BAS part of it goes like this:

 IF baud = 2400 then
  bp$ = "2400"
' (cut out for shortness)
 IF baud = 19200 then
  bp$ = "19200"

'baud is the baud rate passed from the bbs dropfile

'  maybe i could just add:

  IF baud = 38400 then
   bp$ = "38400"
  IF baud = 76800 then
   bp$ = ""76800"
  ' ETC up to 14,400

 open com1 + ":" + bp$ + par$ for random as #3

"Whad du ya think?"
I'm not to familiar with POKE, PEEK, INTERUPTS, ETC


For anyone else writing a door (or for outputing over the modem) that
doesn't want to spend the $$$ then i would recommend CATPATCH (uses
CALLINFO.BBS) or the new DPATCH (uses door.sys). Its FREE! Complete
source is included. (thats all there is,  QB code!). I have modified
this code and i am a beginner. Works like a charm!. I bet someone could
modify it even for ANSI music(over the modem).....(G)   any takers????

Well, anyway call Jim Brewers BBS (GULF COAST BBS)and you can get these
bas files ( i believe they are CATPATCH.ZIP and DPATCH.ZIP). He says he
doesn't support it anymore but they are there for DLD. (Thanks JIM!)

QB does go to 19200! ..... maybe more!

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