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 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 11-26-92 (22:51)             Number: 394
From: FRANKLIN BEAL                Refer#: NONE
  To: CRAIG RANDLE                  Recvd: NO  
Subj: DIR       1/2                  Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
CR>    Hi, I'm writing a program that needs to get the
CR> files in a directory and
  >maybe load them into an array.  I've tried the files command but I get
  >something that looks like dos's dir which is no good to me.

Hi Craig,
   Back in May I absconded the following program originally written by Matt
Hart to Richard Vannoy.

' ---------------------------- cut here --------------------------------------
' GETFILES.BAS by Matt Hart
' Uses SrchFile and SrchNext to load an array with file names.
' Also CountFiles so you can DIM an array to mathc the numer
' of file names.
' Modified by Franklin Beal to allow non-command line arguments,
' correct the NumFiles count, & Files$(n) display.
' the Files$(n) display now dumps extranious characters left in
' DTA.A by the previous InterruptX &H21 write to OutRegs.
DECLARE SUB CountFiles (Srch$, NumFiles%)
DECLARE SUB GetFiles (Files$())
DECLARE SUB SrchFile (Srch$, File$, DTA AS ANY, Ecode%)
DECLARE SUB SrchNext (File$, DTA AS ANY, Ecode%)

   TYPE RegTypeX
      ax    AS INTEGER
      bx    AS INTEGER
      cx    AS INTEGER
      dx    AS INTEGER
      bp    AS INTEGER
      si    AS INTEGER
      di    AS INTEGER
      flags AS INTEGER
      ds    AS INTEGER
      es    AS INTEGER

      A AS STRING * 42

   Srch$ = COMMAND$

   IF LEN(Srch$) = 0 THEN
      INPUT "File search string: ", Srch$

   Srch$ = UCASE$(Srch$)

   Dot$ = MID$(Srch$, INSTR(Srch$, "."))

   CALL CountFiles(Srch$, NumFiles)

   IF NumFiles = 0 THEN END

   REDIM Files$(0 TO NumFiles) Files$(0) = Srch$

   CALL GetFiles(Files$()): PRINT NumFiles

   FOR i = 0 to NumFiles - 1
      Files$(i) = LEFT$(Files$(i), INSTR(Files$(i), Dot$) + 3)
      PRINT Files$(i)

' ----------------  continued on next message -  end of part 1 ------------

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