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Basic - Blitz Basic

With Blitz Basic, you can easily create Windows games with hi-resolution graphics and music, without the knowledge of technical details.

Blitz Basic games need Windows/ DirectX to be played.
(Make sure to turn off the "Debug enabled" option in the Blitz Basic menu before starting the game, else it will likely run too slow!)

Pearl 3D Game Engine

Demo of a game engine of which might become Pearl 3D... if I ever find the time to make a game out of it.

Executable + Source | 2.8MB | Keyboard input | Demo | Freeware

Pearl 6

The latest part of Pearl is a fast-paced mix between Break-Out and a shoot-em-up. You can open fire on the alien enemy squad... just remember to not shoot your pearl!

Executable + Source | ~960K | Mouse input | Freeware
Source files: cache.bb, header.bb, init_bricks.bb, main.bb, misc.bb, quotes.bb, sprite.bb.


These are several filter scripts. One is a normal filter using a filter map (sharpen or soften), file "filter.bb". The script, "pencil.bb" creates an artistic version of the original image. The algorithm uses brush strokes that simulate speed and follow along contours. Also, there's a sketch contour filter ("contour.bb") and a combination of contour and pencil ("pencil_contour.bb").

Tom Treasure

This Alpha-version is just a demo of the game-engine!

An action-oriented game on a fairy-tale island.
Discover giant bees, cross deadly rivers, get to know the towns-people, escape living trees hunting you...

This game uses 640*480 pixels and 16-bit colors, with MIDI sound playing in the background while you use the keyboard to move.

For more information: Read the Concept of a Basic Action Game


Find more at www.blitzbasic.co.nz

Pearl3D Engine

Tom Treasure

Pearl 6

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